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Children start school at many different stages of development. Some will be confident and self-assured; others will be shy and anxious. We welcome them all as individuals and will help them grow and progress at their own pace. One of the most important parts of our work is to value and respect your child, and we also endeavour to provide a learning environment that is exciting and stimulating. We belieive that if children are to thrive they must feel happy and secure. The environment of their first class is created with this is mind.

In Powys, children are able to start school in the term in which their fourth birthday is achieved - see How and When to Apply for more details. Because of this some children will start on a part time basis, perhaps three afternoons a week until they are confident enough to stay for the full day/week.

We also encourage pre-visits and taster sessions during the term prior to the term your child starts school. This gives them the opportunity to meet and get to know their teachers, classroom assistants and other children before they start school to make the transition easier.

Parents often ask what they can do to help their child be ready for school and there are a few simple things. The first is to talk positively about school. Other things you can do is to encourage your child to play with others; do things for themselves such as fetching their coat; keep their toys and games tidy; join in with singing and reciting rhymes, enjoy looking at books; look after their possessions and cope with going to the toilet and washing their hands.

Above all, please don't hesitate to talk to us during this time - we're here to help.

Headteacher Sarah Chandler, Llanfechain, Powys SY22 6UQ 01691 828537

Starting SchoolWe understand that starting school is a very important time in your child's life. Our main aim when your child starts school is to make them feel happy and secure.

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